Benefits Of Broom Closets

Broom closets have been around for hundreds of years. They are associated with your home maintenance and cleaning storage space. With most housing architecture nowadays space is a key factor in balancing design, style and functionality. So when it comes to areas such as kitchen, pantries, garages and hallways, broom closets always prove a favorable option.

Typically tall and slim, these storage areas are made to have enough space for the awkward, larger types of cleaning equipment that you need in your home. Brooms, vacuum cleaners, feather dusters and ironing boards are all able to fit into these closets. They are often custom made so you are able to have them made as big as you want. Closet designs vary including pull out, swing out, canvas front pull ups and many more. If you find yourself limited, and only have space in a bedroom or guest room, you can have doors matched to look like the rest of the closet doors in the room.

Some areas where broom closets are located tend to be too small or too short, and are not very practical for putting those odds and ends away. In this instance a little bit of handy work and improvising can solve the problem. By simply adding some shelving, you can turn your badly designed space into an organizer, giving you even more options for putting a lot more away and out of sight. Another way to solve unused closet space, especially if it’s in a bedroom or hallway, is to install hooks or a poll across the top, that will transform it into handy hanging space for overalls, aprons and even anoraks.

The more advanced closet solutions nowadays are big and have not only enough height for brooms and dusters, but also have extra shelving for storage for all your detergents and cleaning equipment. In an organized home, it’s far more practical having everything you need in one place, rather than scattered all over the show. Whether you are building or buying one, these closets are perfect for keeping everything neat and in order. We all know how annoying it can be when you are trying to conceal a broom and it just won’t stand up straight and after a while you simply don’t care if it lays around or if you shove so far behind the fridge that you forget it’s even there.

Another great advantage about these closets is your children’s’ safety. Having all your equipment and chemical detergents locked away safely in one place is a really good idea for keeping little hands away from them. Most kitchens and homes use the area under the kitchen sink as an organizer for dishwashing liquids, car wash products, drain cleaners, and toilet products. Curious youths can easily reach these things and there is a huge potential threat for accidental poisoning. This is something that no parents want to go through. Broom closets are all round very useful and are a great way of utlizing void spaces in the home.